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Your memory is lying to you.

Welcome to Wednesday, money nerds. It’s me, J.D., instead of the folks from Plutus. They’ve lost their curator, so Jim and I are responsible for every weekday once more! Just as well too. I’ve collected a bunch of good stuff this week. Like these:

Create a “brag sheet” to get your work recognized. [Julia Evans] — “There’s this idea that, if you do great work at your job, people will (or should!) automatically recognize that work and reward you for it with promotions / increased pay. In practice, it’s often more complicated than that – some kinds of important work are more visible/memorable than others. It’s frustrating to have done something really important and later realize that you didn’t get rewarded for it just because the people making the decision didn’t understand or remember what you did. So I want to talk about a tactic that I and lots of people I work with have used!”

Your memory is lying to you. [Infinite Loops] — “Our brains have some funny kinks that exist to give us a ‘kinder and gentler’ view of reality and ourselves than is warranted. One such kink is the foundation of hindsight bias, where our brain rewires our ‘memories’ to make them consistent with current conditions…One way to see just how true this is is to keep a handwritten journal of decisions and beliefs throughout time. If you can consistently record thoughts, decisions and beliefs over time, you’ll quickly see that we are all ‘unreliable narrators’.”

How to write an online listing so your stuff actually sells. [Lifehacker] — “Whether you’re moving soon, doing an end-of-season closet clean-out, or simply offloading items that are taking up space and not getting any use, selling online is an easy way to make some cash on your no-longer-needed goods. But to get buyers’ eyes on your stuff and convince them to purchase what you’re selling — quickly — you need a compelling online listing. Here’s how to create a listing to sell your stuff faster online.”

I don’t have any videos to share with you. The truth is that I haven’t seen any fun things to share lately. But rest assured. When I do find something good on YouTube, I’ll post it here.

See you tomorrow!