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Home is where the revolution is.

Hello, my friends, and welcome to another day of Apex Money. Here are the stories I’ve gathered to share with you today.

Home is where the revolution is. [The Free Press] — “These are not the isolated, paranoid prepper types that mainstream media mocks. Nearly 60 percent of homesteaders in the U.S. have a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to just under 40 percent of the general public. The average homesteader, according to a survey of almost 4,000, is married, under 50, and religious. And the full political spectrum is represented, with over a fourth identifying as liberal, and nearly 44 percent calling themselves conservative—and 90 percent are active voters.”

If it’s important, learn it repeatedly. [Raptitude] — “If you’ve ever read a book a second time, you may have noticed that it’s an entirely different experience from the first time. It doesn’t feel redundant or repetitive. Instead, it feels like gaps are being filled in. Different details strike you as important. The points you do remember now have the benefit of context, and much of it seems entirely new.”

Five books that will prepare you for life in retirement. [Kiplinger] — “Most people view retirement as a whole new chapter in life, one with its own unique adventures but also unique challenges. That’s why retirees in a 2023 Edward Jones study overwhelmingly agree (93%) that ‘preparation, flexibility, and willingness to adapt are keys to success in retirement’. With that goal in mind, these five must-read books about retirement will help you prepare for that next chapter.”

To wrap things up today, here’s a 17-minute video from Rob Berger about how to overcome the fear of retiring.

Berger is one of my favorite personal-finance folks. Smart. Genuine. Nerdy. He’s a good guy and this is a good video.