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Lazy-girl jobs.

Hello, Apexians, and welcome to another week of money and more. Can you believe we’re nearing the end of summer? Where I live — in Oregon’s Willamette Valley — it’s been relatively hot recently, but at the same time we can all sense that autumn is around the corner. This is such a great place to live in September and, especially, October.

And you know what? Apex Money is a great place to be every weekday! Let’s see what Jim and I have gathered for you today.

Lazy-girl jobs are Gen Z’s alternative to FIRE. [Millennial Revolution] — “Now that I’m an elderly Millennial, I’m no longer cool enough to start trends or incite revolutions. All my pop culture references are ‘cheugy’, my beloved Harry Potter books are ‘for old people’, and my Instagram account is so 2019. So now I have no choice but to look to Gen Z for inspiration when it comes to trends. And the newest one trending on TikTok, with 17 million uses, is the #lazygirljob.” [I love everything Kristy writes. This is not exception.]

Why I returned to renting after a few years of homeownership. [Dwell] — “As year two of homeownership came to a close, the shiny lure of owning property slowly faded into what felt more like an obligation loaded with unfinished tasks (those bookshelves still weren’t assembled, nor were the impenetrable clay garden beds any less barren), more space than we needed, and a lingering question of whether we’d made the right choice.”

What if you already have enough money? [The Cut] — “Giving yourself permission to achieve less questions society’s reverence of always being busy and the subliminal message that the answer to anything that ails us is to do more, earn more, be more. Instead, you want to take into consideration the kind of life you want to live.”

Let’s wrap things up with a longer video. It’s a fascinating look at a man with no legal identity who lives off the grid in Appalachia.

When I try to explain my background to people, I like to point them to things like this. It’s not exactly how I grew up…but it’s not that far off. And it’s absolutely how some of my cousins live to this very day. This is my family background, folks. And it’s this sort of thing that informs all of my decisions even today.