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Keep it simple

Happy Friday!

I want to start today’s post with a thread by Tim Ferriss, of Four Hour Workweek fame:

“(2) For the rest—which could be everything—follow Buffett’s advice. Keep it simple.”


9 Biggest Mistakes High Income/High Net Worth Millennials Make [The Long Game] – “We often associate wealth with financial expertise, but this could not be further from the truth. High net worth people are not immune to making mistakes. In fact, they make just as many mistakes, if not more than everyone else.”

100 Tips for a Better Life [Less Wrong] – “43. Deficiencies do not make you special. The older you get, the more your inability to cook will be a red flag for people.” So many good tips… plus links for more in the numbers themselves.

Enjoy this video on The Timeless Business of Steakhouses:

Have a great weekend!