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Are you rich?

“Happiness is making $1 more than your brother in law.”

I don’t know when I heard it first but it’s something that has stuck with me. The point of the quote is to say that happiness is about relativity. For some, it means making more than their peers. For others, it’s being fitter or faster or stronger.

Money is an important part of our lives and, for some, an important part of their identity and happiness.

Wonder how you might compare with the rest of America? Bloomberg can help:

Are You Rich? [Bloomberg] – “Billionaires know they are. Low-wage workers are very well aware that they aren’t. But vast swaths of America’s “regular rich” don’t feel that way, and it’s keeping everybody down.” Comes with a tool that shows you how you stack up with the rest of America and various metro areas.

DraftKings and Other Sports Gambling Apps Are Hitting the Jackpot With ‘Parlay’ Bets. As They Win, You Lose. [Barrons] – “Americans have found a creative new way of losing money at sports betting. They’re losing with such regularity that they’re catapulting gambling apps to profitability well ahead of schedule. Parlay bets, which allow people to wager on several things happening together, have taken off in popularity this year. Instead of simply gambling on the winner of a game, bettors can wrap predictions for every game on the schedule into one bet, or create custom wagers that their favorite quarterback will throw three touchdowns and the defense will sack the other quarterback twice. Sports-betting websites and apps are now offering thousands of bets a day and combining the outcomes of several sporting events together into megabets that could cover four years of college tuition if they pay off. They hardly ever do.” They’re like lottery tickets but the anticipation lasts far longer because multiple events have to happen… sometimes a few of them do and the fun drags out, that’s why they’re popular!

Surprising stat from Redfin… Nearly 1 in 10 U.S. Homes Are Worth at Least $1 Million, Close to All-Time High. “This analysis estimated current home values using the Redfin Estimate, public records and MLS data, and past home values using public records and MLS data. The figures in this report represent June 2023, unless otherwise noted. See the end of this report for a detailed methodology.”

It’s not based on collected data, but estimates, but still surprising to see the percentage up at 8%.