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The benefits of taxable accounts.

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What happens when people start reading privacy policies? [The Markup] — “Earlier this week, Zoom, the popular web-conferencing service that became ubiquitous when pandemic lockdowns shifted many in-person meetings to in-little-boxes-on-laptop-screen meetings, was the subject of sharp criticism from users and privacy advocates recently, when an article from the technology news site Stack Diary highlighted a section of the company’s terms of service that said it could use data collected from its users to train artificial intelligence.”

You probably need less money than you think for retirement. [A Wealth of Common Sense] — “Look, I’m not saying everyone has to die with zero. Having a low burn rate is certainly the best hedge against longevity risk in retirement. But what’s the point of saving in the first place if you’re not going to spend some of it?”

The benefits and drawbacks of taxable accounts. [Can I Retire Yet?] — “Taxable accounts, despite their name, can actually be pretty tax friendly. They are particularly valuable to early retirees because they allow access to money without the restrictions of retirement accounts. So it is important to understand the role taxable accounts can play in retirement and the rules that govern them.”

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