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Wise Words

Sam Zell was a billionaire businessman who passed away last month. As of earlier this year, Forbes estimated his net worth to be $5.3 billion.

He made most of his money in real estate, getting a start in college managing apartments and selling that business to go bigger. It’s an impressive story if you have to time to dig in.

Today’s first article shares a few wise words from the man himself:

Wise Words from Sam Zell [Novel Investor] – “By the time [Sam] Zell graduated from law school, he managed about 4,000 apartments and owned over 100 more. After graduation, he sold the management business to Bob Lurie and headed to Chicago to play in a bigger market. Three years later, Lurie partnered with Zell in Chicago. They would go on to build one of the largest real estate portfolios in the country.”

How To Be Resilient: 5 Steps To Success When Life Gets Hard [Barking Up The Wrong Tree] – “But if you’re willing to make an effort, there are scientific insights that can help. In fact, for people rated at the lowest levels of resilience, studies show a 125% increase in three months by just doing five things. What are those things? Well, that’s why we’re here…”

Top 50 productivity hacks chosen by internet and you [50 Hacks] – This one is great, people suggest the best hacks and then everyone else upvotes … so only the best of the best rise to the top.