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30 reasons to fall in love with index funds

Well well well, if it isn’t Monday yet again!

Right now, J.D. is on a cruise ship floating along the high seas and I’m (Jim) resting comfortably, without any need for seasickness medication, in my house. 😂

I hope J.D.’s “do nothing” trip is going well but the Apex train rolls on with a few gems (I hope!) for you today:

I love index funds! So does Paul Merriman!

30 reasons to fall in love with index funds [Paul Merriman] – “Despite all the money and effort Wall Street spends trying to promote actively-managed funds, very few of them outshine one of the simplest investment vehicles: The index fund. Once you get past the hype, hope and hoopla of hot stocks and superstar managers, you find that the “lowly” index fund is the true king of the performance hill. I’ll give you a whole bunch of reasons you should make index funds your go-to investment vehicle. In no particular order, here are 10 to start with…”

Art always fell into the murky “stuff uber-wealthy people do” and I always marvel when there’s a scandal involving art (or wine!) because the folks who perpetrate them are often so very good at it. It’s the old idea that thieves work so hard that they’d probably make a killing if they were legit… but we know part of the fun is in the illicit nature.

How 25 Dubious Basquiats Created a Massive Museum Scandal—And Exposed Some Dark Art Truths [Vanity Fair] – “A blockbuster show of “lost” works by the late, and much-marketed, Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Orlando Museum of Art was meant to compete with Disney and SeaWorld. Then the feds came knocking and a small-time auctioneer confessed to knocking them off, leaving their owners in a continuing scramble to prove their authenticity. As the investigation continues, the whole affair has shone an uncomfortable light on the art world’s unceasing need for spectacle.”

With this last post, we stick with the investing theme and learn – Become a Passive Investing Ninja – the Definitive Guide to Slashing ETF Costs and Taxes [Banker on Wheels] – This is a three part guide that is really “chunky” but good, it goes into a lot of detail on how to look at ETFs.

See you tomorrow!