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Money Where Art Thou?

Wednesday could not come fast enough. The Plutus Team searched high and low and found these great articles for you. ENJOY!!!

Check out what we have for you this week.

The Best Low-Cost Vacation Hack Available. [Financial Success M.D] — “I have owned, traded, and vacationed using my timeshare for more than 30 years and love it. I own a single week of timeshare in New Orleans and have yet to stay in the unit I own. My happy experience is contrary to what is found on social media. There is a reason for that. Most complainers never learned how to buy and use a timeshare correctly, so they don’t actually know how great and inexpensive owning and using one can be. For the right people, timeshare hacking will save a fortune in travel expense.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Money Where Art Thou? [Happily Disengaged] — “Each morning when I wake up to go to work to earn money, I tell myself how lucky I am to have a job. To have a nice warm bed to get up from. A family I get the privilege to support. Even if I’m tired of going to work to make money, doesn’t mean I’m tired of receiving money and putting it to work for me. Because in the end, if I’m doing it right, my money will someday end up working for me, instead of me working for it.” (Submitted by J. Money.)

Career Advice for Kids. [Bluetree Savings] — “I’m not a careers expert but I heard a great little story which I shared with my daughters and it led to an interesting discussion about mindset when thinking about careers. I hope you share this with your kids and see what reaction you get.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)