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We’re all flawed in the same predictable ways. And then we die.

Today’s episode of Apex Money isn’t as somber as the title might imply, but it does tie two really good articles together in a way that really drives their key points home.

Chew on these and let me know what you think:

The flaws a Nobel Prize-winning economist wants you to know about yourself [Quartz] — It’s a brief primer on cognitive biases. “Sorry to say it, but you’re not perfect. We like to believe that we are smart, rational creatures, always acting in our best interests. In fact, dominant economic theory these days often makes that assumption.”

Now, for one of the most powerful arguments for early retirement I’ve ever read:

Why Retire Early? Because Death Is Coming. [A Purple Life] — “Unfortunately I’m no stranger to death. My introduction to the Reaper happened at my father’s funeral – he took his own life when I was 7. During the next 13 years I attended the funerals of 5 close family members…

… I’ve made my current life as awesome as possible, but knowing that my time is finite also makes me strive for more. Time is all we have and having it wasted by doing things that don’t matter or that I don’t enjoy grates on me. Thinking about death helps me understand what I want out of life.”

100% yes.

Now to round it out with something a little lighter:

The Artist, the Conman and the $15 Million Fraud [Narratively] — “From imitation Gauguins to a piece of the true cross, how two small-town crooks fooled art collectors around the world and built an epic empire of fakes.” I’ve done three Apex curations now and all three have had some kind of heist/fraud/con involved… do you like them? 🙂

Speaking of frauds, if you want to dissuade your kids from playing those ripoff carnival games (or asking you to play), show them this video by Mark Rober. He explains how the games try to trick you and how you can, as best you can, beat the ones that can be beat:

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