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Just the tip of the iceberg…

Happy Friday – I bet you’re ready to start the weekend and if you wanted something fun you could chat with your friends about, we hope some of the articles in today’s curation can help spark some interesting conversations.

Let’s just get right into it:

Just the tip of the iceberg [Your Money Blueprint] — “All I could see was the fact that we were well fed and well housed. I didn’t really consider the fact they had to work for it. I only saw the end results, not the process. It’s a bit like an iceberg, where we only see the tip (results), but not all of the foundation layed under the water.”

Inside the Twisted, Worldwide Hunt for a $7 Million Stolen Car [Esquire] — “Joe Ford, car detective, searches the world for stolen rare automobiles on the black market. The case he’s on now could set him up for life—if he’s not outsmarted by a skilled network of criminals and cheats.” This article is so much fun.

The New Servant Class [The Atlantic] — “Low-skill, low-pay, and disproportionately done by women, these jobs congregate near dense urban labor markets, multiplying in neighborhoods with soaring disposable income. Between 2010 and 2017, the number of manicurists and pedicurists doubled, while the number of fitness trainers and skincare specialists grew at least twice as fast as the overall labor force.” The data highlights the rise of the “wealth work,” or jobs that support those with significant disposable income, and how the trend isn’t necessarily a good one.

Road-Tripping with the Amazon Nomads [The Verge] — “Chris Anderson moves through the Target clearance racks with cool efficiency, surveying the towers of Star Wars Lego sets and Incredibles action figures, sensing, as if by intuition, what would be profitable to sell on Amazon. Discontinued nail polish can be astonishingly lucrative, but not these colors. A dinosaur riding some sort of motorcycle? No way. But these Jurassic Park Jeeps look promising, and an Amazon app on his phone confirms that each could net a $6 profit after fees and shipping. He piles all 20 into his cart.”

This time-lapsed video of our planet rotating underneath the Milky Way is mesmerizing:

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