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The Perfect Life

Do you think there’s such a thing as a perfect life?

If you asked me as a kid, I’d probably say yes. Now that I’m in my forties, I think perfect is the eye of beholder. 🙂

The first post is short, so no “snippet” to tease you in. Just read it. It’ll take all of five minutes and be 100% worth it or your money back.

The paradox of the “perfect life” [Rad Reads]

Mainstream media would have you believe that America is bitterly divided. On some subjects and in some areas, some of us are. But the vast majority of what we appreciate is the same. I take comfort in that.

Where Americans Find Meaning in Life [Pew Research] – “Economic, religious and political divides shape where Americans find meaning – but family, career and friendship emerge as common themes.”

I don’t follow tennis much but it was a sport my Dad loves, so I was fond of it. I’m also interested in what happens to athletes after they leave their sport. So this feature on Andy Roddick, the last American man to win a tennis major back in 2003, was fun to read:

Andy Roddick’s Open Era [GQ] – “Twenty years after winning the US Open, Andy Roddick has thrown away his trophies and moved on with his life. But in a rare interview, the last American man to win a grand slam reflects on that historic triumph—and all the pressure, fame, failure, love, and loss that came after.”

Enjoy your long weekend!