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How To Be Lucky

I believe I owe much of my success in life to luck.

I might have characteristics that improved my chances of success but I still think luck had a lot to do with it. And I’m OK with that, better to be lucky than good, as they say.

But what if I told you there were ways you could improve your luck? I believe there are and this first post identifies a few ways.

How To Be Lucky [Sapient Capital] – “There are two contrasting ways of pursuing wealth, power and success. The approach that works the best is also the one most people seem to ignore.”

This pairs nicely with this idea – the Surface Area of Luck.

If Your Employer Refuses To Negotiate Salary, Try These 11 Creative Counteroffers [Bitches Get Riches] – “Have you ever gotten yourself all hyped-up and battle-ready to ask for more money—only to learn your employer REFUSES to negotiate salary? This happened to me when I was a young professional. I went for a role at a company that tied its job offers to intelligence test scores. (This is not a normal or cool thing to ask, by the way. It’s elitist, ableist, racist, irrelevant, and indicative of really bad leadership. Alas that I was young, dumb, and living on breadcrumb…s.) The recruiter warned me in advance that this employer refused to negotiate salary beyond their initial offer.” I’ve never negotiated salary (I only had two full-time jobs where I was there a total of five years), but this post was fascinating!

The Real Estate Hustle-Culture Con That’s Exploiting Investors and Wrecking the Housing Market [The New Republic] – “A lawsuit filed against “influencer” Grant Cardone offers an inside look at a get-rich-quick scheme that could help enable the next housing market crash.”