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How to remember everything you learn.

Good morning, Apexians, and welcome to a shortened week. J.D. here with another round of tasty personal-finance treats.

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a fine holiday weekend and said a fond farewell to summer. September is here, and with it comes meteorological autumn (followed in a few weeks by calendar autumn, of course). The hot weather seems to have left us here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. It feels nice to have a break.

To get us started with fall, here are a few stories we’ve enjoyed recently.

How to manage money as a committed couple. [XY Planning Network] — “Every person comes with their own money story. It’s important to mention that you can’t project your own money story onto your partner. Your relationship with money is your own but it’s important to also make space for your partner’s money story as well.”

How to live with lifestyle inflation. [Money with Katie] — “Once I found myself graduating from a median income to a higher one, I straddled the line between two worlds: Do I maintain my exact same lifestyle and invest everything extra, or do I recognize that I can afford a little lifestyle creep?”

Robot Recipes. — “If you’ve ever tried to find a recipe on the internet, you know that most recipe pages have frustrating popups and endless advertisements that are completely unrelated to the recipe. It’s nearly impossible to find the actual instructions or a simple list of ingredients. You have to scroll past a constantly changing and slowly loading page to get there, and once you’re almost there another ad loads and moves the page content down. By the time you find the recipe, you’re no longer just hungry – you’re downright hangry.”

Why note-taking apps don’t make us smarter. [The Verge] — “Note-taking, after all, does not take place in a vacuum. It takes place on your computer, next to email, and Slack, and Discord, and iMessage, and the text-based social network of your choosing. In the era of alt-tabbing between these and other apps, our ability to build knowledge and draw connections is permanently challenged by what might be our ultimately futile efforts to multitask.”

To wrap things up, here’s a twelve-minute video from Ali Abdaal on YouTube explaining how to remember everything you learn. I think it goes nicely with that story from The Verge.

Abdaal’s channel is one of my favorites. I know you’ve probably already heard of him (and might even subscribe to him), but he’s popular for a reason. He’s got great info presented in a pleasing style.

Okay, that’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more stories about money. See you then!