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The antidote to envy.

Good morning, Apexians. Ready to get philosophical? Today’s installment explores deep existential questions. Fun!

As part of making 2023 “the year of me”, as part of my quest to learn to do nothing, I’ve been reading a lot about Taoism and Zen Buddhism. Right now, for instance, I’m exploring the work of Alan Watts. He’s big on accepting yourself for who you are and being present in the moment, both practices that have challenged me for most of my life.

Today’s stories (and video) explore these ideas.

The antidote to envy. [More to That] — “Envy is inversely correlated with self-examination. The less you know yourself, the more you look to others to get an idea of your worth. But the more you delve into who you are, the less you seek from others, and the dissolution of envy begins.”

Reversing the Golden Rule. [Bitches Get Riches] — “What if you could be as kind and compassionate to yourself as you are to others? What if you could extend to yourself the same grace and kindness you extend to your friends? How could you be transformed if you were as gentle and helpful with your own health and wellness as you were with the well-being of those you love?”

Both of those pieces are fantastic, and I highly recommend you read them. Today’s video is very much related. Here’s Alan Watts explaining that the purpose of life is not in the future.

“The golden goody isn’t at the end of the line. You’re in it.”

That’s pretty fucking profound, my friends. It’s probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far during this year of self-discovery.