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The comfort crisis.

Good morning, folks! Now that I’ve officially allowed myself to be retired from the world of personal finance, I’m sorting through all of my old money books. I’m keeping the best, but many are destined for local thrift stores. Corvallis is about to get a dose of financial medicine!

And you’re about to get a dose of the same thanks to the stories I’ve gathered for you today.

The comfort crisis. [Mr. Money Mustache] — “While the news headlines cry constantly about our nationwide personal debt crisis or health crisis or any other number of things that suggest that life is so hard these days, I have always seen the opposite: on average, we Americans seem to have a problem of ridiculous overindulgence and easiness in our lives, and our main problem is not recognizing it, and the damage it does to us.”

How to spot fake reviews on Amazon. [Wired] — “Many Amazon reviews are fake. Unscrupulous or desperate sellers pay for glowing reviews, and some offer gift cards or free products in exchange for five-star ratings…It’s tough to identify what’s real with certainty, but you can reduce the risk of being conned when you know the warning signs. We’ve compiled some tips that can help.”

Items to stop buying in order to save money and curb clutter. [Women Who Money] — “If you’re tired of spending on things that quickly end up in the trash or donation pile, be more mindful of what you buy and your motivations. You can save money by avoiding or reducing things that commonly lead to clutter. Also, by asking thoughtful questions and establishing shopping rules, you’ll buy less, saving time, money, and energy.”

Because I’m old, I’ve been on a prolonged quest to indulge my sense of nostalgia. I’ve been reading favorite books from childhood, watching favorite movies and shows, listening to favorite music. That quest led me to this 41-minute YouTube compilation of TV commercials from the 1970s.

Okay, that’s it for today. It’s possible the folks from the Plutus Foundation will drop by with an Apex installment for tomorrow. If they don’t, I’ll see if I can find time to fill in. Else, I’ll see you all on Thursday.