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The Best Days Are Ahead

The Best Days Are Ahead [We’re Gonna Get Those Bastards] – ” The second act must be better than the first act. Because your best days must always be ahead of you, rather than behind you. There are a lot of people in the world whose best days are behind them. Professional athletes, for instance. I met a guy in Myrtle Beach who used to pitch for the Orioles. In fact, he was the visiting pitcher for the last game at old Yankee Stadium. I had this guy on for a full two hours of my radio show. You would not believe the stories. And better than the stories on the air were the stories that he was telling me on commercial breaks. He has stories to last a lifetime. You want to know what he is doing now? He is a roofer.” (I cut the quote off there but I want to say that he, by no means, is slamming roofers or being a roofer. Check out the article, it’s a great message)

How to Get Rich in the Markets [The Big Picture] – “Money makes the world go round. Global capital markets (stocks, bonds, private investments, real estate) are worth over $100 trillion. If you want to become wealthy, go where the money is.”

Forensic accountant explains why fraud thrives on Wall Street – wow.