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Slow mornings may be the secret to tech-life balance.

Far out, friends! It’s Friday! Even money nerds like us look forward to the weekend. When else are we going to count our dollars and cents? Like Scrooge McDuck, we need sometime to tally our treasure. And that time is the weekend.

What? You don’t do that?

Well, I know one thing you do do, and that’s come to Apex Money for the latest top money stories from around the web. Here’s what we have for you today.

“I love living with my best friend. So, I bought a house with her and her husband.” [Huffington Post] — “The arrangement is worth the slight awkwardness it engenders. We’ve spent a lot of time soothing people’s embarrassment after they made assumptions that turned out to be wrong. I’m sure some folks believe Maggie and Matt are benevolent do-gooders who have opened their home to a boarder. When I date someone new, the ‘package-deal’ question looms in the back of my mind, along with the question of whether my satisfying home life is what keeps me so frequently single.”

I love living with my best friend.

The state of housing in America. [Accidental Fire] — “The constant drumbeat that home prices have skyrocketed out of proportion is true on the surface, but easy to see why in the numbers. As the chart shows, price per square foot is mostly the same. But total prices have gone way up, no chart necessary, we all know that. So how can total prices go way up when price per square foot hasn’t? You don’t need to be Einstein to solve this equation. The number of square feet has to go way up for that equation to be true.”

We’ve reached peak wellness. Most of it is nonsense. [Outside magazine] — “Across the country, everyone is looking for a cure for what ails them, which has led to a booming billion-dollar industry — what I’ve come to call the Wellness Industrial Complex. The problem is that so much of what’s sold in the name of modern-day wellness has little to no evidence of working.”

Slow mornings may be the secret to tech-life balance. [Medium] — “The slow morning movement is one strategy used among people exhausted by their tech-heavy lives to establish a sense of focus for the rest of the day. Some people exercise, while others enjoy some time alone. The point is to create a lack of technological distraction. A slow morning is supposed to be an antidote to the frenetic pace of 24/7 digital alerts.”

Finally, here’s something that has absolutely zero to do with money. But it’s important!

Which cereal leaves behind the best milk? [/r/askreddit] — There’s nothing more to this thread than answers to the question. Don’t expect life-altering stuff. It’s just an important debate, one to which the correct answer is: Golden Grahams.

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