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Rich People Who Don’t Feel Rich

One of my favorite quotes / jokes is “happiness is making $1 more than your brother in law.”

I wish I knew where I heard it but the message rings true.

Wealth is relative.

It’s why you can see articles about people who make $400,000 and not “feel rich.” It’s because they’re surrounded by people who make $500,000 or $1,000,000 a year.

Comparison is the thief of joy… as President Theodore Roosevelt would say.

Rich People Who Don’t Feel Rich [A Wealth of Common Sense] – “Wealth is what you keep, not what you make but it’s hard to envision a world in which being in the top 3% of income is not considered rich.”

Valuing Social Security as an Asset in Your Retirement Plan [] – “All too often, I speak with current or future retirees who think along these lines:

“We don’t want to assume Social Security will be there for us. Let’s just focus on the assets in our control.”
“I know Social Security is there, but it’s so small. Let’s play it safe and ignore it for now.”
“Social Security is only $2000 monthly, whereas my IRA has $900K. Social Security is a drop in the bucket.”

These ideas are not only wrong but perilously so. To overlook Social Security is an unreasonably conservative retirement assumption.

Finally, I leave you with this perfect tweet: