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Handyman Flash Shelton will squat with your squatters

I don’t understand the reasoning behind why squatters can stay where they are squatting, but I love that there’s a guy making a good living out-squatting them.

Out-squatted: Handyman Flash Shelton will squat with your squatters — until they leave [LA Times] – “Shelton explains that the man is there illegally, and the team is not going anywhere until he leaves. The squatter was out before they could even share breakfast together.”

Challenging the Process [Novel Investor] – “Investing has a similar issue with uncertainty where random luck can confuse the results but sustained success comes from a great process. The best way to achieve a great process is to challenge and improve upon your existing one, as Bill Miller explained in a 2004 letter.” Annie Duke called this “resulting,” where you let the result of a process influence your analysis of that process. You put it all on Black in Roulette and won… so it must have been a good decision. 🤪

You Can Make IRA Contributions at Any Age, but Should You? [Morningstar] – “But a related provision that received less attention allows account owners to continue making contributions to traditional IRAs after they reach the required minimum distribution age (currently 73), provided they have earned income. Prior to the Secure Act’s passage, people couldn’t contribute to a traditional IRA if they were of RMD age or older. (Roth IRA contributions at any age have long been allowed, so long as the contributor—or their spouse—meets the earned income requirement.)” The big question is whether they should…

Finally, here’s a short video about Ikigai, a powerful idea.

Have a great weekend!