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Perfect days.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I watched a movie I’ve been looking forward to: Perfect Days. This subtle film embodies so many of the themes I’ve been exploring during the past few years: financial independence, taoism, meaning, relationships, the sheer joy of being present.

Our favorite bit from the film: “Next time is next time. Now is now.”

Anyhow, the film reminded me of an article I read last week, an article that’s not specifically about money, but 100% about living a rich life. It’s our lead story today. And it’s lovely.

Obituary for a quiet life. [The Bitter Southerner] — “When the notable figures of our day pass away, they wind up on our screens, short clips documenting their achievements, talking heads discussing their influence. The quiet lives, though, pass on soundlessly in the background. And yet those are the lives in our skin, guiding us from breakfast to bed. They’re the lives that have made us, that keep the world turning.”

Why you need a WTF notebook. [Simpler Machines] — “There are always so many problems on a team, so many things that could be better, that I’m only ever going to solve a handful of them. Working on problems in the order I noticed them is rarely the most effective order. So the WTF Notebook gives me a place to park the impulse to fix it now, damn it! until I have more context for deciding what to work on first.”

How to fix an error on your credit report.[Bitches Get Riches] — “Today I’m going to walk you through the steps of identifying and fixing errors on your credit report. Statistically speaking, you might have a few! The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau says that one in five people have a mistake in at least one of their credit reports…And getting all three of the major credit reporting bureaus to correct those mistakes could give your credit score a needed boost.”

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stuff.