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Do we really need 24 hour, 7 days a week stock trading?

If you really want to trade stocks when the market is closed, there are ways. You don’t get full market participants, you’re usually trading with other people at the brokerage or in “dark pools” with other people, but it’s not the full market.

Do we really want 24/7 trading of stocks?

More to the point – since it’s already happening, would it be better if it happened in the open or just left to different groups?

It’s a sticky question… with no good answers. Personally, I think we don’t need 24/7 trading in any capacity. Take some time off.

New York Stock Exchange tests views on round-the-clock trading [Financial Times] – “The New York Stock Exchange is polling market participants on the merits of trading stocks around the clock as regulators scrutinise an application for the first 24/7 bourse.”

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