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Never Stop Being Useful

Happy Friday Apexians!

I’ve always loved the idea of FIRE, financial independence retire early, but really only the first half. Financial independence is great. I’m on board.

Retire early? Eh, not really something I was super interested in. I was, however, never in a toxic career (as we’ll see in our second post).

And, more importantly, I always wanted to remain useful… which is the subject of our first post.

You Can Retire Early, But Never Stop Being Useful [Abandoned Cubicle] – “Leaving a paycheck, managers-by-carousel, silly meetings, and other corporate nonsense behind won’t kill you. But if you leave a job where you sit on your duff all day only to wind up sitting on your duff all day and subsequently doing nothing to improve yourself or serve others, then it’s game over.”

Exiting A Toxic Career Of Software Engineering [Financial Mechanic] – “When saving and strategizing to leave the workforce, it’s crucial to make a plan for what you are retiring to. That’s what I write about— my journey to financial independence and what I am doing now after turning in my notice. But I realized I haven’t shared much about what I’m retiring from. Most of my career happened in parallel with writing this blog, but I didn’t write much about it as it happened. I want to share the story of my career, and why the refrain “I could never retire, I love my job too much!” was something I never related to.”

And before we jump into the weekend, here’s a wild story of someone who pretended to be a prince!

The Prince [Truly Adventurous] – “In the cafe, he was watching an elegant Serbian woman in conversation with a prince, a tall man in his late fifties with abundant charm. The prince was telling her about coveted diplomatic passports that he could secure for her wealthy friends for a few thousand euros each. (The prince denies talking about the passports.) Diplomatic passports, in theory, would allow easy passage through most of the world as well as other rarefied perks. The woman was surprised that these could be purchased.

The prince had to go in a hurry, saying he had an important phone call, in the process leaving behind the bill. Tamenne saw his chance. He approached the woman. He told her there was reason to believe the prince was a fake, profiteering off of unsuspecting people.”

It’s long but entertaining if you like slow burns.

Enjoy the weekend!