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A Few Laws of Getting Rich

Who can’t use a few laws of getting rich? 🙂

A Few Laws of Getting Rich [Morgan Housel] – “There are a million ways to get rich, most of which involve exploiting specific niches and one-off opportunities, to say nothing of luck. Universal rules about how to get rich are hard to come by. But losing money, or losing happiness when you have money, or becoming a slave to your money – those stories tend to have common denominators. They are so common you can call them laws.”

Life Expectancy [Our World in Data] – “Across the world, people are living longer. In 1900, the average life expectancy of a newborn was 32 years. By 2021 this had more than doubled to 71 years. But where, when, how, and why has this dramatic change occurred? To understand it, we can look at data on life expectancy worldwide.” This article is like an index. It shares some data but also links to articles going into greater detail on some of the statistics, like the life expectancy one. Very interesting if you’re curious why we’re living longer.

You’ve probably heard that eyewitness reports, while still useful, can be notoriously unreliable because they are subject to bias (and simple error). It’s easy to misremember, which is why I always hang up my car keys on a hook by the door. Turns out, there’s a study on it.

Eight Ways Your Perception of Reality Is Skewed [Greater Good Magazine, U.C. Berkeley] – “But it turns out sight is much more complicated than that, according to the new book Perception: How Our Bodies Shape Our Minds, by University of Virginia psychologist Dennis Proffitt and Drake Baer. What we perceive in any given moment is not only determined by sensory input, but by our personal physical abilities, energy levels, feelings, social identities, and more.” There are some really clever studies in this article.