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The three-legged stool of retirement.

Good morning, friends! J.D. here with another week of Apex Money. I’m late with this Monday post because I lost all day yesterday to a high fever. All I could do was stay in bed and be miserable. I didn’t have the energy to read about personal finance. But today? Today, I feel much better.

So, here are some of the cool stories I’ve found to share with you all…

The three-legged stool of retirement [The Retirement Manifesto] — “Just like money, both health and time can be optimized by thoughtful investment. If you’re not exercising, start now. If you’re wasting your time doing things that don’t matter, rethink your priorities. Ultimately, health and time are the scarcest resources in our lives. It’s a shame more of us don’t act accordingly.”

“I ditched my iPhone for a flip phone.” [Coveteur] — “My flip phone experiment felt like a success. I had more meaningful connections with friends and strangers and more space for independent, creative insights. To be honest, even with some of the friction that comes with using a flip phone, I didn’t really miss my smartphone.”

Why Americans’ “YOLO” spending spree baffles economists. [BBC] — “Despite past trends, US consumers are spending at record levels. Economists are mystified – and struggling to forecast an end point. Throughout a period of sky-high interest rates, depleted savings and grinding inflation, Americans have spent with abandon.”

“My four anti-personal-finance-expert beliefs.” [A Wealth of Common Sense] — “My relationship with personal finance has evolved as I’ve aged and changed my habits. Many of the personal finance rules written in stone will always apply…However, there are other personal finance commandments I don’t completely agree with anymore.”

That’s it for this Monday. I’ll be back tomorrow with more. See you then!