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TIL that there are people who don’t eat leftovers.

If You Don’t Eat Leftovers I Don’t Even Want to Know You [Bitches Get Richest] – “Here it is! Our most controversial article of all time! It has inspired more offended, angry comments than any other. […] Did you guys know there are people out there who just… don’t eat leftovers? Yes! These wasteful, absentminded heathens exist! And they’re coming for your delicious yet frugal lifestyle decisions.”

SEC charges S&P employee with index insider trading [Alphaville on Financial Times] – “While we’ve heard about investors trying to arbitrage index inclusion and, conversely, accusations of companies gaming their accounts to meet the index’s arbitrary rules for years, this is the first time we’ve heard of insiders allegedly trading on index inclusion.”

This next story is from The Economist and it’s a bit on the dry side but does highlight how “tutoring” works for the uber-rich, it’s as incredible as it is laughably predictable:

Education First-class flights, chauffeurs and bribery: the secret life of a private tutor [The Economist] – “Wanting your child to succeed is almost the definition of parenthood (though interpretations of success vary). If a good school begets a good university, a great job, a suitable spouse, house and all the rest, then it’s never too early to start training. Ever more parents, particularly those with money to spare, consider their children to be engaged in an academic arms race. Tutoring is a secret weapon.”

Did you get the part about the very good doctors’ suggestion of drawing out Frank’s DNA and injecting it into their son to “make him more talented?” INSANE.

Recycling meets reality [Knowable Magazine] – “Modern industry has made great strides in turning trash into tomorrow’s new products, but the process is still a long way from perfect. New technologies can help. Plus, updates on chemical recycling, design for recycling and dirty recycling.”

Time to reheat some leftovers!