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A retirement simulator you have to see

Adam from Minafi makes the most fun interactive calculators. Here’s his latest:

Retirement Simulator [Minafi] – “The Minafi Retirement Simulator is a Monte Carlo Simulation runner for retirees to understand potential futures based on historical returns. You put in your numbers and click run. Behind the scenes we’ll run a bunch of different simulations on potential futures. For each, we’ll pick a one years returns of stocks, bonds and cash and assume your investments grow by that amount. We repeat that once for each year, then repeat the entire process once for each simulation.”

Five Questions For Your Next Net Worth Update [Banker on Fire] – “Nothing quite like getting a dopamine rush as you watch the numbers tick up, bringing financial independence firmly into focus. However, if you want to get the most out of your next net worth update, focusing on the bottom line is just one part of the exercise. There are other, equally important observations you should be making that can help you optimize your investing journey. To that end, here are five questions I ask myself every time I calculate our family’s net worth.”

The Mask Barons of Etsy [The Verge] – “To make a fortune selling masks on Etsy, you needed three things. First, you needed to be familiar with the garment industry — ideally, already working in it. Second, you needed to be in or around Los Angeles. (Sorry, New Yorkers.) And third, you needed energy, because shipping tens of thousands of masks a month with a tiny crew meant working late into the night, then getting up early the next morning to do it all again, sometimes, while caring for kids in between.”

Here’s a video from Vox explaining the economic benefits of being beautiful:

It reminds me of the SNL skit featuring Tom Brady. 🙂