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The wrong way to think about debt

A few compelling arguments against debt that are directly towards high earners but applicable to everyone regardless of your income level:

The Wrong Way to Think About Debt [The White Coat Investor] – “I often suggest people pay off their debt or that they are over-leveraged in a blog post, on a forum, on social media, and even in real life. While most agree with me, there is usually someone who pipes up to give some pushback. The argument usually goes something like this: “It’s stupid to pay off a 2-4% debt because you expect your investments to do better than 2-4%.” I used to believe this argument too. It’s easy to do so because mathematically it is correct. The older and wealthier I get, the more I see serious flaws in this argument, and I’d like to discuss them today because the argument is so darn common, even among people who are debt-free!”

The Best Magazine Articles Ever [Cool Tools] – Kevin Kelly co-founded Wired Magazine and he shares a curated list of the 25 best magazine articles ever. The list is pretty big and has some familiar names on it, but I haven’t read the vast majority of them. The top one is an article from Esquire in 1966 titled Frank Sinatra Has a Cold – time to dig in!

33 Things I Stole From People Smarter Than Me [Ryan Holiday on Forge] – “Throughout my career, I’ve had the fortune of meeting bestselling authors, successful entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and creative people. They’ve offered me some of their best advice, which I’ve eagerly taken. So here, to mark my 33rd birthday, I’ve made a list of 33 of my favorite pieces of wisdom — things I try to live by, things I tried to revisit and think about this year. If you like them, steal them for your own life, too.”

Tourist returns stolen artifacts to Pompeii after suffering ‘curse’ for 15 years [CNN] – “‘I took a piece of history captured in a time with so much negative energy attached to it,’ she wrote. ‘People died in such a horrible way and I took tiles related to that kind of destruction.'”

I don’t know what’s weirder – taking things from a place known for death and suffering… or waiting 15 years to return it.

Don’t steal!

See you tomorrow!