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How to design your ideal life.

Today, my friends, can you believe it? Today, my buddy Jim and I have gathered together some fine, fine stories about personal finance and related topics. What will we think of next?

How to make your high cost of living city more affordable. [CityFrugal] — “When you bump into something costly in a city, ask yourself why that is. Are you consuming what is plentiful and living in harmony with your city? Or are you trying to consume something that’s relatively scarce, pitting your desire against your city’s endowment of resources? Once you start seeing this distinction, you won’t be able to stop seeing it. I notice it everywhere.”

Is financial independence for everyone? [Millennial Revolution] — “In our situation, FIRE was life changing and I don’t regret quitting my job for a second. But are we the norm or the exception? Is it because you need a spouse in retirement to avoid loneliness? Or are some personalities simply not suited to early retirement?”

What you must do before you can design your ideal life. [The Fioneers] — “Over the last few years, I’ve sought out the resources to help me build a holistically fulfilling life. Each book, framework, experience, and resource taught me something that I’ve incorporated into my life.”

Make better decisions by freeing yourself from the need for perfection. [Educator FI] — “It is impossible to make perfect decisions. Trying to do so will ultimately cost you more in the long run. Instead, strive to make solid decisions…You’ll give yourself the chance to seize more opportunities. You’ll avoid staying in and taking catastrophic failures out of stubbornness.”

And to round things off: Have you seen the trailer for the upcoming Netflix film, Enola Holmes? Wow. This thing hits so many of my nerd buttons.

Everything about this looks charming.

That’s it for Thursday. I’ll be back tomorrow with one last batch of links before we head into the weekend.