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The problem with high expectations.

Ah, it’s Friday. The end of another week. Time to ease into the weekend and enjoy what’s left of summer. Before we do, though, let’s take a look at some of cool stories about money (and related topics) that we’ve enjoyed recently.

This tiny house community feels like living in a small village. [Contemporist] — “Living in a tiny house community is the dream for some people, and Jesse Russell, owner and creator of Hiatus Homes, has designed a purpose-built village with 22 tiny homes, located in Bend, Oregon…The tiny house village has paths that connect the homes, with them arranged in a way that they face inward to the shared community spaces that include ponds, fire pits, planters, and a bocce court.” [Here’s a video tour. I want to live here!]

Nine symptoms of an unhealthy relationship with money. [Physician on Fire] — “The good news is, no matter how unhealthy your relationship with money is, you can always take steps to improve it. However, to make that happen, you need to identify the habits which are causing you to overspend or preventing you from spending even on your basic comforts and necessities.”

Okay, Boomers, let’s talk about socialism. [Hedgeye] — “Most Boomers think they earned it all on their own merits: See, capitalism works! Most Millennials suspect that it has more to do with how Boomers benefited from their particular age location in history.”

The problem with high expectations. [A Wealth of Common Sense] — “Even uber-successful people experience jealousy and make relative comparisons about career accomplishments. Getting exactly what you want in life can often be a letdown because it’s so difficult to be content with what you have. Once the positive feelings wear off, you eventually need a bigger hit of dopamine to get the same emotional response.”

Let’s end the week with something fun!

Here’s a segment from Penn and Teller’s Fool Us in which French performer Léa Kyle fools the hosts with her magical “quick change” act. As one commenter says: “If you slow it down to 0.25x, you can actually see that I have no idea how she does any of it.” Neither do Penn and Teller.

Here at Apex, we’re going to perform our own quick change act. Or maybe it’s a slow change act. I’ll be disappearing for a week while Jim steps in to take his turn with the links starting on Monday. Until then, have a great weekend!