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Every Bit Helps

Happy Monday!

I enjoy all kinds of personal finance writing. Sometimes, I’m in the mood for a bit of money philosophy and mindset.

And sometimes, I just want to see a list of little hacks and tips you can immediately use to improve my life a wee bit. Our first post of the week does that.

Every Bit Helps [humbledollar] – “IN NEW ORLEANS, a lagniappe refers to a small gift or bonus—like receiving 13 items for the price of 12, or a so-called baker’s dozen. Today, credit card points are a popular form of lagniappe, delivering a modest bonus every time you spend. But many other lagniappes are also readily available:”

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable [Nir and Far] – “We may not enjoy whatever discomfort we expose ourselves to in the moment—be it a physical, mental, or spiritual hardship—but doing so is key to personal growth and even just plain contentment.”

Watch It Burn – Two scammers, a web of betrayal, and Europe’s fraud of the century. [Atavist] – “Daphne and other scammers’ pillaging of Europe’s carbon market constitutes what the media have called “the fraud of the century”—billions of euros were stolen in a matter of months. The shadowy scheme attracted established crime rings and amateur hucksters alike, many of whom knew each other. But the scam lent itself to duplicity: No one was ever sure who was working with whom, who might be screwing someone else over, or who had started the whole thing.” It’s really really really long.