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How to land a job if you’re over 50.

It’s Friday, folks, but before you head into the weekend, we’re here with another installment of Apex Money. Let’s dive in.

How to raise a rich kid. [rich & REGULAR] — “Kids already understand what’s happening around them and they’re capable of more. But when we don’t tell them the truth or answer the questions they have, they freak out. They look for answers elsewhere and they find stuff that is wrong, biased, and scary.”

What if you invested at the peak before the financial crisis of 2008? [A Wealth of Common Sense] — “The historical 9-10% annual return in the stock market isn’t simply made up of the good stuff. Those results include some pretty gnarly periods of volatility. And one of the main reasons we get to experience bull markets like the one we are living through today is because there is always the chance of a crash like we experienced in 2008.”

Sports gambling is a gateway drug. [Business Insider] — “While more and more Americans are getting used to wagering on games from their phone, sports betting is just the start. The next step is to get people to gamble on everything.”

How to land a job if you’re over 50. [Fast Company] — “With age comes experience, which businesses desperately need as they look to cut staff while maintaining efficiency. Here’s how older candidates can showcase their skills and demonstrate their advantages to stand out in the saturated job market.”

Lastly, here’s a video that has nothing to do with money.

As part of my recent quest to learn to draw and paint, I’ve alsy been deliberately developing different handwriting. I’m teaching myself to write an entirely new alphabet. It’s challenging. And fun. And sort of pointless, I guess, except that my handwriting has become much neater.

Well, yesterday as I was watching art videos (I watch a ton of art videos nowadays), I came across this eight-minute segment from JetPens about how to get the neatest handwriting of your life.

I’ve watched this video once now, but I plan to watch it a couple of more times so that I can incorporate its ideas into my “new handwriting” project.

As a sidenote, I should point out that both Tanja (of Our Next Life) and I are big fans of JetPens. It’s just a nerdy online store where you can buy cool pens and paper and related supplies. Tanja and I are both obsessed with this sort of stuff, and we often text each other with our latest finds.

Okay, that’s it for this week. I’ll see you ten days. Jim will be back with you next week.