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Be Kind

Be Kind, But Keep Your Integrity [More To That] – “The one thing we have high expectations of, however, is who she is as a person. And for that, we distill it all down to this one statement: We want her to be kind.”

What’s Ozempic doing to our brains? [Vox] – “Desire — for food, companionship, fun, sex, whatever — can bring excitement, joy, and even purpose to life. It’s the Good Stuff! But too much craving is the seed of addiction, of unhealthy eating habits, of the shameful feeling of being torn between what’s good for us and what we crave. We cannot live without wants, yet we cannot be overcome with them. […] Scientists are starting to see the potential for GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic to pull off this trick.”

Show this chart to anyone who tells you college isn’t worth it [Axios] – “Yes, college is still worth it: The wage gap between recent college and high school grads has been widening for decades, and grew even more last year, per new data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.”

This is the chart:
Median annual wage for recent graduates

It may not be worth it to everyone, but it’s definitely worth it.