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How much should you spend on vacations each year?

Do you still pay for cable?

A few years ago, we cancelled our cable. We weren’t using it at all.

Seems like fewer and fewer people are…

Cable’s Continued Collapse [Spyglass] – “Everyone knows by now (finally – I wrote this almost a decade ago) that cable TV is in a prolonged state of decline. But the numbers (assuming these numbers are at least directionally accurate) are nevertheless sobering.”

How Much Should You Spend on Vacation? [Art of Manliness] – “Some financial experts recommend this one: spend 5-10% of your net income on vacations. If you’re in debt, your budget should be closer to the 5% mark; if you’re not, it can be closer to the 10% end of the range. So, for example, if your net income is $80k a year, then you could reasonably spend $4-8k a year on vacations.” I’ve never thought about how much I spent on vacation as a percentage of net income… a fascinating idea.

Finally, we have an interesting story about the mafia and Sicily’s citrus trade:

Can We Blame the Mafia on Lemons? [Atlas Obscura] – “Economists and historians are connecting the early rise of organized crime with Sicily’s citrus trade.”

See you next week!