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Best 401(k) Alternatives

When it comes to saving for your retirement, there are a lot of tools at your disposal. The 401(k) gets most of the attention because so many people have access to it, but it’s not the only option.

In fact, for the folks who don’t have access to one through work (or it’s a bad option), our friends at Physician on FIRE share six great alternatives.

Six Best 401(k) Alternatives: Save For Retirement Without a 401(k) [Physician on FIRE] – “A 401(k) is a popular retirement savings plan that allows you to set aside a portion of your salary, often with matched contributions from your employer, for long-term investment and tax-deferred growth. However, not everyone can take advantage of a 401(k), like those who are self-employed. There are also some individuals who may want to diversify their retirement investments beyond their 401(k) plan.”

How To Talk About Money Without Stressing Yourself Out [Fatherly] – “A conversation about money involves success, but also your ability to provide, and when you question that, it hits at your confidence and self-worth.”

Eat beans and scratch your own back – expert advice on how to age better, inside and out [The Guardian] – “orget lifespan: increasingly, healthspan – the years that we feel healthy and active – has become the holy grail among gerontologists. “You only need to watch the Veteran Games to understand the capacity of the human body to age well,” says physiotherapist Bhanu Ramaswamy.”