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Are You Living Your Ideal Life?

I don’t know who came up with the idea that you work full-time for forty five years and then retire.

You’re supposed to start at twenty years old, grind your face off until you’re 65, and then suddenly you stop? It’s insanity.

And remember when Tim Ferriss started talking about “mini-retirements” and a “four hour workweek” and some folks lost their minds? The programming runs deep.

But today, we’re going to start off with some counter programming… with a post from our friend Joe. Why not build an ideal life you don’t have to retire from?

Are You Living Your Ideal Life? [Retire By 40] – “That’s a great suggestion. You don’t wait until retirement to be happy. You need to enjoy the journey. Ideal life is funny, though. It changes as you go through different stages of life. What is ideal now probably won’t be in 15 years.”

Do Hard Things if You Want an Easy Life [Darius Foroux] – “Remember this as you go through life. If you run into challenges and think it’s too hard, remember why you do what you do. You might be doing hard things, but you do it because you don’t want to have a hard life.”

Dying at Home [Humble Dollar] – “MANY OF US SAY THAT, if we have to die, we’d like to die comfortably in our home. Luckily, hospice—a Medicare-covered model of gentle, holistic end-of-life care—is ready to help with that goal. Maybe.”