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Benefits of a long walk

I enjoy walking.

Our kids’ bus stop is a solid half mile away from our home and I try to walk them out whenever the weather cooperates (when it’s not raining). It’s not a long walk but we have to do it twice in the morning and it’s a nice little boost of mileage for me, who works from home.

Short walks are nice but long walks are where it’s at.

It’s Amazing What Being Alone With Your Thoughts on a Walk Can Do for You [Route to Retire] – “Today I decided I was going to take a little walk just because the weather was nice and those days are a rarity in Ohio as fall continues rolling on through. Well, it turned out to be more than a quick stroll. It somehow became a 7.17-mile hike (plus the walk to the trail and back). That’s not too shabby for being alone and not knowing the area at all. It became a great reminder for me of how important it is to get outside and to pay attention to nature. Not only is it good for you physically, but it’s great for your mind as well.”

What Economists Got Wrong About the Great Recession [Tyler Cowen on Bloomberg] – “Economists do not, in general, know when business downturns will arrive. If there were reliable signals of a coming downturn, it would arrive immediately, as market actors would contract their plans accordingly, in the expectation of bad times to come. In that sense, there is not much of a predictive window to experience.”

Seven Habits that Seem Lazy (but Actually Let You Get More Done) [Scott H. Young] – “Consider the person who stays late at the office every night, to show everyone what a “team player” he is. Except, this causes him to sleep less which makes him sluggish. He misses time spent with colleagues, who would have recommended him for projects and promotions. He never has time to think, and thus fails to think of brilliant ideas that would propel him forward. Despite his drudgery, his lack of progress only convinces him that he has failed to work hard enough.”

These habits don’t seem that lazy… 😀