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I love low cost index funds

I can’t imagine a world without low cost index funds. Vanguard has been around for as long as I’ve been an investor and has likely saved me thousands of dollars in fees and tens of thousands of dollars in lost gains.

Today, low cost index funds are everywhere!

So, it’s no surprise that index funds are considered one of the biggest disrupters in the retirement savings game, which is the subject of our first post today:

Indexing, private markets considered key disrupters of past 50 years [Pensions & Investments] – “The most consequential developments of the past 50 years? “It’s a tie between the substantial gain in market share of low-cost passive investment funds and ETFs,” and the incredible growth of private markets, said Lamar Taylor, interim executive director and CIO of the $185.7 billion Florida State Board of Administration, Tallahassee.”

Why I Don’t Talk About Investing Much [Accidentally Retired] – “Day to day, there is literally nothing for me to do or to talk about (investing-wise).” Very true. And I like it.

And before you go, for those who love bullet journals (or any journals), here’s a fun post chock full of ideas on how you can use them to better your money:

100 Amazing Bullet Journal Ideas to Organize Your Money [Caroline Vencil] – “If you are a go-with-the-flow type of person, then a rigid schedule or budgeting program isn’t going to work for you. Bullet journals give you the freedom to really take control of your money using methods that will work for you.”