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What Would Change in Life If You Were Rich?

An interesting thought experiment – what would change in your life if you were rich? As in Elon Musk/Jeff Bezos rich…

Being Rich – What Would Change in Life? [Route to Retire] – “It’s hard to digest everything you could do if you had an unlimited amount of funds. Being rich – like really rich – would certainly give you the power to change the world if you wanted.”

12 Things I Remind Myself When Markets Go Crazy [A Wealth of Common Sense] – “3. Your gains will be incinerated at some point. Investing in risk assets means occasionally seeing your gains evaporate before your eyes. I don’t know why and I don’t know when but at some point a large portion of my portfolio will fall in value. That’s how this works.”

Is investing a zero-sum game? [Occam Investing] – “To understand whether investing is a zero-sum game, a useful place to start is a concept known as Sharpe’s Arithmetic of Active Management. Sharpe’s arithmetic begins with the premise that the equity market is owned by two kinds of investors: a) market cap indexers, who own every equity in the market in proportion to its market capitalisation (known as “passive investors”), and, b) active investors, each of whom owns a portfolio of equities which they believe will outperform.” That’s just a teaser but the summation is that active management is for the birds. 🙂

Speaking of which… how flipping cool is this??? I also learned a new word – “murmuration.”