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How to conduct a weekly financial review

Adam at Minafi is a really smart guy who makes some fantastically intuitive tools on his financial independence blog. If I can be honest, I’m super envious of them because they look so elegant. 🙂

Anyway, enough fawning… last week, he shared a good framework for weekly reviews:

How To Conduct a Weekly Review to Keep Yourself on Track [Minafi] – “Whether you call is journaling, mindfulness or just scheduling, spending a few minutes to create a plan for your week is the best step towards reaching your goals.”

A Mental Trick to Make Any Task Less Intimidating [Forge] – “All you have to do is picture yourself on the other side.”

Are The Simpsons Still Middle Class? [NPR] – “Back in 1989, the very first episode of The Simpsons aired on Fox. Since then, the Simpsons have become an iconic American family: The dopey, good hearted Homer; Marge, the rock of the family; three kids; two cars; a dog and a house. Money’s always tight but they make it work. Over 30 years later, however, the Simpsons’ life doesn’t feel so normal anymore. The idea that you could have one breadwinner working a job at a power plant supporting a family of five in the suburbs seems a little … unattainable.”

Related to The Simpsons but not related to money is this fun clip of The Simpson’s opening but live action: