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Today and tomorrow…and the next day too.

Yawn… Good morning, my money nerds, and welcome to another wonderful week. Before you dive in, let’s take a look at some top money stories from around the interwebs.

Today vs. tomorrow: the see-saw of planning. [Calibrating Capital] — “On one side, you have people who only live for Today. Not thinking of Tomorrow, they allocate almost all of their income and resources for the present. On the other side, you have those who only live for Tomorrow. Not thinking of Today, they allocate almost all of their income and resources for the future. A right balance is somewhere in between – enjoying Today while planning for Tomorrow. And there’s no magical, universal formula, spreadsheet, or ratio to figure this out. It’s entirely subjective to each person and family.”

The biggest wastes of time we regret as we get older. [Kristin Wong on Lifehacker] — “We spend a lot of energy looking for shortcuts to save time, and sure, those shortcuts add up. But when I look back, my biggest time regrets aren’t spending too much time on Twitter or mismanaging my daily tasks. Those are bad habits, but there are bigger, more systematic time wasters that have really gotten in the way.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter lives in a $167,000 house and shops at Dollar General. [CNBC] — “Former President Jimmy Carter might have once called the white mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue his home, but now, he lives in a much, much more modest abode. Carter, the nation’s 39th president and oldest-living former president in U.S. history at 94 years old, lives a fairly normal — and frugal — life…In fact, Carter still lives in the ranch house he built himself in 1961.

Lastly, here’s a fun video featuring a woman who has been driving the same care for 53 years! Grace Braeger bought herself a ’57 Chevy…in 1957. She got a deal because (a) she bought a demo model and (b) the 1958s were about to come out.

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