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What it takes to raise a family.

Today is Tuesday, money nerds, and we’re going to take a look at what it takes to raise a family. From childcare to homeownership to television — these are some of the top money stories we’ve been reading lately.

Child care: What — and who — it takes to raise a family. [The California Sunday Magazine] — “Child care is one of the hardest, most expensive problems for parents to solve…To better understand how people are coping, we asked six families — as well as their nannies, day-care providers, extended family members, and ‘mother’s helpers’ — to explain how they’re caring for their children and how much they’re paying to do it.”

“Home ownership cost us $60,000 in a great housing market.” [Stop Ironing Shirts] — “We recently sold our house and moved as part of our early retirement plan. The place we moved from was considered one of the hotter housing markets in the country (Dallas-Fort Worth) and we sold our home for nearly $50,000 more than we purchased it for after owning it for only 43 months. That sounds like a victory, but when we finalized the numbers we *lost* nearly $60,000 compared to renting over that same time period.”

How the television transformed our homes (and our lives). [Curbed] — “The history of television’s place in domestic interiors fits into a much larger story about the look of technology in the home. Are pieces of consumer technology machines, furniture, or something else?

How television transformed our lives

“How and why my husband and I keep separate finances.” [Making Sense of Cents] — “I want to share with you our experience of managing money independently, as a couple. You may be inspired to separate your finances if they are currently joined. Or it may give you a perspective on how you can be in a relationship but keep your financials separate.”

To round things up, here’s an article that isn’t really money-related…but it’s family-related for many of you.

The hottest new board games from GenCon 2019. [Ars Technica] — “We sifted through the chaos to bring you a big list of games we think you should be paying attention to going into the last few months of the year. With such a massive amount of games on offer, we couldn’t get to everything we wanted to — your correspondent is just one man! — but we think our list has something for everyone on it.”

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