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There’s no such thing as a price anymore.

Hey, money nerds. It’s one of those days where I devote the entirety of Apex Money to one article. Why? Because I believe it’s both interesting and important. To that end:

There’s no such thing as a price anymore. [The Atlantic archive link] — “Prices aren’t just changing more often — they’re getting more complex, too. Fees, long the specialty of banks and credit-card companies, have proliferated across industries. Previously self-contained products (toothbrushes, movies, Microsoft Word) have turned into subscriptions, while previously bundled items (Wi-Fi at hotels, meals on airplanes) are now sold separately. Buying stuff online means navigating a flurry of discount codes, often just expired. Meanwhile, prices are becoming more personalized as companies hoover up customer data.”

Fascinating stuff. And frustrating. Forced subscriptions, forced bundles, and surge pricing have all been driving me nuts for several years now. Ultimately, so long as the U.S. is a de facto corpocracy, this kind of bullshit is only going to get worse and worse.