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The secret to being rich.

Welcome to Wednesday, money nerds! Today’s installment of Apex Money is one of those editions with a theme: minimalism. Take a look…

A mentality of hyper-consumption. [Money and Meaning] — “We could have stopped working so hard, for so many extra years. We could have arrested climate change. But consuming more and more is our version of ‘success’ and ‘the good life’. We consume unconsciously, even going into debt to do so. As a society, we have a spending problem that masks a much deeper spiritual malaise.”

The top decluttering tips of all time. [No Sidebar] — “Decluttering is less about the quantity of items you remove and more about the quality of life you’re creating. Each discarded item is not just making room in your home, but also making space in your mind for clarity, peace, and joy.”

The magic link between minimalism and money. [Simple Money] — “By owning only what you truly need and cherishing experiences over possessions, you can pave the way for a secure, fulfilling financial future. So, if you’re looking to take charge of your finances, it might be time to consider decluttering more than just your closet.”

The secret to being rich is not to buy anything. [The White Coat Investor] — “It’s OK to spend your money. It’s OK to splurge. But after you do, spend a moment to reflect on whether it was worth it. I suspect you’ll conclude that, a lot of the time, it was not. Whether you’re rich yet or not, remember that the secret to wealth — at least once you’ve developed an income that causes you to read this website — is to stop buying stuff.”

Okay, that’s all I have for you today. See you again tomorrow, friends!