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Personal goals have to happen now.

Welcome to Tuesday, Apexians. Let’s jump right into the links.

Personal goals have to happen now. [Raptitude] — “The reason it’s hard to get going on personal goals is that you’re already using all of your time. No matter who you are, you’re already using all 24 hours, every day, for something. Because this will always be true, goals that happen at all must happen now, while you still don’t yet have time.”

Seven mental habits that work well — until they get in your way. [The Growth Equation] — “Something I discuss often with my coaching clients is how certain mindsets and habits work really well until they become the very things that get in your way. A huge part of next-level performance and well-being is becoming aware of this paradox. This way, you can rely on these qualities when they are helpful, and leave them behind when they are not. Wisdom is knowing when to do what.”

“How a monthly allowance saved our marriage.” [Slate] — “In September of 2010, my husband, Chris, and I adopted an allowance system. Ever since, we’ve granted each other $500 a month to spend however we want, no questions asked. And this is how we’re still married.”

I think I mentioned that — two or three years after everyone else — I recently discovered Olivia Rodrigo. Her music is awesome! What I find particularly interesting about her, though, is that there’s ample documentation of her development as a singer on YouTube, from age four until today. That’s kind of crazy.

Here, for instance, is a 2010 video of a six-year-old Rodrigo belting out “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. Do you think she knew that one day she’d be a top pop star?

Speaking of music, I’m off to a concert tonight myself. My buddy Mackenzie and I are headed to Portland to catch a Depeche Mode show. The last time I saw them was…1985? The last time I listened to them was…1995? But Mac has an extra ticket, and I told him I’d join. I’m curious what the experience will be like.

Anyhow, I’ll see you tomorrow with more stories about money!