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The rise and fall of the status pineapple.

Today is Tuesday, Apexians, and we have money links for you!

Let’s lead with our video. This one is from the always-awesome Financial Diet channel on YouTube. It’s the six-minute story of how one woman spent seven months developing the skills and network needed too find a job she loved: I realized I hated my job three days after starting. Here’s what I did next.

What I love most about this story is just how self-motivated the narrator is. Instead of bemoaning her situation, she makes a plan and takes action. Awesome!

Why you shouldn’t ignore active income. [The Fioneers] — “This was the first time I heard of semi-retirement. I had no idea that with some active income each year, we could scale back our full-time jobs and partially retire even earlier than we had planned. This sounded great! When we actually put our information into the calculator, the results FLOORED US!”

The difference between trading time for money and trading tasks for money. [Financial Panther] — “When you think about it, doing gig work isn’t exactly trading time for money. Rather, you’re trading tasks for money, getting paid for each task that you complete. It’s a small distinction that might not look like a big deal at first. But I think it’s a distinction that matters and is worth thinking about.”

Finally, here’s a story that found amusing. Who knew that pineapples used to be symbols of wealth? Not this boy!

The rise, fall, and rise of the status pineapple. [BBC News] — “Symbols have always been used to signal one’s status. Military insignia, family signet rings and heirloom watches; impressive properties filled with original art, expensive cars and designer handbags ensure a luxury lifestyle is obvious to all. But for about 250 years, all of these signposts of wealth and good breeding were ably fulfilled by…the pineapple.” Fascinating.

Okay, that’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more of the best in personal finance. See you then!