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How to measure joy.

It’s Wednesday, and this is Apex Money. You know what that means! It’s time for some outstanding money links!

Can money buy happiness? How to measure your joy. [One Frugal Girl] — “A year ago I created two new columns beside each expense in my spreadsheet. I labeled the first column: ’emotion’…I fill my spreadsheet with emoticons. Imagine looking at a grinning face in one row and a red angry face in another. Date night gets a smiling face with hearts. A woozy face appears next to the nachos we ordered after a long night at the bar. My spreadsheet doesn’t look quite so boring anymore.” I love this!

Fighting the innate urge to chase prestige. [Financial Panther] — “Prestige can trap you. Sure, it made me feel like I was better than other people, but looking back, I know it didn’t make me happier or more satisfied with my life. I don’t need all of that hassle. But that desire to be prestigious is still there, so I’m always actively doing things to make myself not care about prestige as much. Here’s what I do to fight this urge to chase prestige.”

When wives earn more. [Handful of Thoughts] — “When one spouse outearns the other, financial imbalance and income inequality can lead to difficult conversations if one person feels powerless. If one person in the relationship earns significantly less than the other, this can lead to tense conversations, marital issues, and possibly resentment if not addressed head-on.”

Now, my friends, are you ready to waste eight minutes and eleven seconds watching a video on which you find it unlikely you’re going to waste eight minutes and eleven seconds? Well, here you go. From the Language and Life Project, this is a look at Appalachian English.

I’m not sure how I stumbled on this, but it’s fascinating. (I’m not the only one who thinks so. This video was uploaded to YouTube twelve years ago. It has nearly five million views!)

That’s all for Wednesday. I’ll be back tomorrow with more great stuff. See you then.