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The Mansion Next Door

As we glide into the weekend, where presumably you’ll be spending more time at home, I wanted to share a post I enjoyed this morning before I put this post together. It’s good to get a little perspective every once and a while.

The Mansion Next Door [Accidentally Retired] – “But there is a way to battle back against FOMO and Keeping Up With the Joneses…that is to constantly remind yourself that you already have everything.”

More Than Enough [Humble Dollar] – “IF YOU’RE LIKE MANY readers of this site, you’ll reach your 60s and discover one of those nice problems to have—that you’ve over-saved for retirement.”

Need some sci-fi reading ideas? (I was surprised at #1 tbh)

The 50 Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time [Esquire] – “Plenty of imitators have tried to match the heights of our No.1, but none have come close. […] Choosing the fifty best science fiction books of all time wasn’t easy, so to get the job done, we had to establish some guardrails. Though we assessed single installments as representatives of their series, we limited the list to one book per author. We also emphasized books that brought something new and innovative to the genre; to borrow a great sci-fi turn of phrase, books that “boldly go where no one has gone before.””

Enjoy the weekend!