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Predatory NDAs

I didn’t think NDAs are nearly as punitive as non-competes but that’s before I knew about predatory NDAs. These monsters are a completely different. I had no idea these things existed and I’m glad they’re getting their legs chopped off a bit.

Predatory NDAs Just Got a Lot Harder To Enforce [Bitches Get Riches] – “These changes provide general protection to all impacted employees, and specific protections for victims of sexual harassment. With this, it seems the power and popularity of predatory NDAs is finally waning. And workers are gaining back ground they never should’ve lost.”

How to Build Generational Wealth [Of Dollars And Data] – “If building wealth is hard, building generational wealth is even harder. Generational wealth refers to accumulated assets and resources that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Whether it’s a cash inheritance or a vast estate of trusts, businesses, and other valuables, generational wealth is often considered a sign of success and achievement.”

You Should Aim to Be Financially Independent… Enough. [Flow Financial Planning] – “I hear myself saying over and over to clients and prospective clients (and the void): Don’t worry about becoming financially independent. Just become financially independent enough. What does that mean? Why do I say that? What does it matter to you?”