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The man who won the lottery 14 times

Yes. 14 times.

The story is crazy.

The man who won the lottery 14 times [The Hustle] – “Just after 11 PM on February 15, 1992, a janky ball machine at the Virginia State Lottery HQ spit out 6 winning numbers on live television: 8… 11… 13… 15… 19… 20. In the coming days, officials would find out that one “person” had secured not only the $27,036,142 jackpot, but 6 second prizes, 132 third prizes, and 135k minor prizes collectively worth another $900k. What unfolded next was the strangest, most improbable lottery tale in history — one involving thousands of international investors, dozens of complex computer systems, and a mathematicasavant who’d masterminded the entire operation from the other side of the world. This is the story of the man who “gamed” the lottery by buying every possible combination.”

Parents Hire $4,000 Sorority Consultants to Help Daughters Dress and Impress During Rush [WSJ] – “Addicks offers a $600 seminar for women and their mothers to learn the basics about getting into a sorority; $3,500 buys unlimited access to sorority mentors who advise aspirants through every step. She is part of an industry emerging in recent years that sells tips and emotional support to women who want to avoid missteps that threaten first impressions. Sorority consultants cover such topics as what to wear, how to act, what to say and the wisdom of scrubbing potentially off-putting social media posts.” Wow, there are businesses everywhere!

How to rest well [Psyche] – “Taking a break isn’t lazy – learning to recharge is a skill that will allow you to enjoy a more creative, sustainable life.”

Robert Reich made his UC Berkeley course on Wealth and Poverty available on Youtube for free: